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Plastic Surgeon  Dr.Lyras
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1980 - 2000
2000 - 2020
With international society of aesthetic plastic surgery ( ISAPS ) President 2016~2018 Brazilian~American plastic surgeon Renato Saltz in Greece. 2016.
Acropolis of Mycenae, Lions' Gate. In the middle the Archaeology Professor at the Dickinson College and President of Mycenaean Foundation Christofilis Maggidis with : Erik DeMarche, Daniel Fallu, Daniel Ehrlich, Panagiotis Psixas, Panagiotis Savvidis, Eleni Chronopoulou, Ioanna Paravalou, Dimitris MAriolas, Thanasis Aggelopoulos.
Speech in original Plato's Academy (I. Lyras, Ch. Tentomas, S. Voultepsi, Pari Rapti, Ioanna Anastasopoulou, Vaso Artinopoulou and Theo Gavrielides).
Dr. Pari Rapti - Lyra Endocrinologist, Dr. Ioannis Lyras Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Katerina Vlastos Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Giorgos Daikos Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases at the Medical School of Athens and Dr. Dimitris Linos Professor of Surgery at the Medical School of Athens. 2017
With Dr. Ruth Graf, Professor of Plastic Surgery, University of Curitiba, BBF 2017, Italy.
With Ambassador of Brazil in Greece Cesario Melantonio Neto. 2017
FICAC Board of Directors meeting Istanbul 17/6/2017. Participating as member of the Charitable affairs Committee.
With international jazz musicians Miranda Verouli and Petros Klampanis, 2018.

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