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1980 - 2000
2000 - 2020
Dr. I. Lyras with Mr. Alexis Matheou, Mrs.Christine Mcguire and President of .New York College Mr. Ilias Foutsis . 2008
with the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro Brazil, (the city that will organize the 31st Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2016) Mir. Eduardo da Costa Paes. 2009
Dr. Stephen G. Miller, American archaeologist, Professor emeritus of Classical Archaeology at the University of California, Berkeley, and director of the Nemea excavations with Dr Yianni Lyras, member of the CCG board of directors and Honorary Consul of Brazil in Greece in front of the Temple of Nemean Zeus at ancient Nemea Corinthia, Peloponnese, Greece (where the 2016 Nemean Games will take place). 2014.
The Board of Directors of the Consular Corps in Greece 2008-2010 (From left: I.Lyras - Brazil/Treasurer, Mr David Paul Irey - U.S.A/Secretary General, E.Tomazou - Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Consultant, N.Margaropoulos -Philippines/President, B.Untuna - Turkey, I.Mourmouris - Bolivia / L.Kouidis - Columbia/ P.Koutsikos - El Salvador/).
The executive Committee of CCG 2012-2014. (from left :Dr. Yianni Lyras-Honorary Consul of Brazil/(treasurer), Mr. Fernando Sandoval Flores-Minister Counselor, Embassy of Mexico/, Mr. Mohammed El Mahdi-Consul, Embassy of Egypt, Mrs. Ekaterina Kalogeropoulos Armenakis Honorary General Consul of Ethiopia-(President), Mr. Maurice Gormezano-Honorary Consul of Monaco/, Mr. Cristian Font Calderon-Counselor, Embassy of Spain/, Adm. Stylianos Anastopoulos-Honorary Consul of the Bahamas/ Mr. Miguel Ricardo Capuano-Honorary Consul of Nicaragua (secretary general)/, , Mr. Loucas A. Ellinas-Honorary Consul of the Seychelles/, Mrs. Genoveva Bernard de Roidis-General Consul of the Dominican Republic/(Auditor).
CCG Board of Directors 2014-2016
CCG Board of Directors 2014-2016///// from left lower row_ J. E. Sienra Barbani- Consul of Uruguay, M. Capuano- H. Consul of Nicaragua (secretary gen.), M. Gormezano- H. Consul of Monaco, N. Soutos- H. Consul of Liberia (President), T. Armenakis-Kalogeropoulos- H. Consul of Ethiopia, A. Papatheodorou- H. Consul of Luxemburg (treasurer).
The General Secretary of the World Federation of Consuls (FICAC) & Hon. Consul of Philippines in Thessaloniki Mr. Nikolaos Margaropoulos, the Hon. Consul of Belgium in Thessaloniki Mr Alekos Mpakatselos, the Hon. Consul of Brazil in Thessaloniki Mrs Timi Mpakatselou and the Hon. Consul of Brazil in Piraeus Dr Ioannis Lyras. 8/3/2016
H.E Ambassador of Brazil in Greece Edgard Antonio Casciano, the Prof Ioannis Gkogas MD, the Hon. Consul of Brazil in Greece Dr Ioannis Lyras, the President of Consular Corps in Greece and Hon. Consul of Liberia in Greece Cap. Nikolaos Soutos. 8/3/2016

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