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Plastic Surgeon  Dr.Lyras
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1980 - 2000
2000 - 2020
With Ambassador Dr. Friedrich Hamburger, Head of Delegation of the European Commission in Asia, the EU Trade Minister of and Professor Mrs Aviela Ansuelo of the Bangkok Univercity at a river cruise meeting about "intelectual property" in Thailand. 2007
Dr. Yianni Lyras with singer Mariana de Moraes, grand-daughter of Vinicious de Moraes the founder and symbol of Bossa Nova. 2007
Dr. I. Lyras with Brazilian singer Barbara Mendes. 2008
with famous Chinese actress Cherry Chan. Hong Kong 2008
Ioannis Lyras, Simone Guimaraes & Ivo Pitanguy in Rome at the formal dinner of the European Academy of Plastic Surgery. 2004
Dr. I. Lyras with endocrinologist Dr. P. Rapti (left) and Mrs. Mirela Manani (right), World and European Javelin Champion and twice Olympic Javelin Medalist (right).2002
Dr.I. Lyras and Mr. Titos Kolotas, Cypriot Journalist member of the board of the radiotelevision regulatory counsil at a radio interview in Cyprus. 2004.
Dr. I. Lyras with the President of the Womans' Rights Movement and the Governor of the Philippino National Red Cross, Mrs Leondia Ortiz. 2008

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