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Non surgical rhinoplasty


 Dr Ioannis Lyras discusses non-surgical rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid filler, paying particular attention to issues of anatomy, technique, and the overall benefits of such treatments. 


Cosmetic rhinoplasty has become increasingly popular.  Rhinoplasty is a technically demanding surgical procedure and even in the best of hands, postoperative healing and ultimate aesthetic outcome can be unpredictable.  As a result of a well performed and carefully planed aesthetic and functional nose operation, discreet volumetric changes in the fronto-nasal angle, nasal dorsum and nasolabial angle lead to significant differences in our perception of the beauty of the face in general..  These areas can be injected with the hyaluronic acid deep filler to improve the nasal profile and correct asymmetries.
Non absorbable fillers and fat tissue lipografts are also considered as useful options.


 Standardized pre-treatment frontal lateral and 45° view photographs are taken.  The patient should be in a semi-recumbent position and local anesthesia may be applied to the entry point at the nasal tip.

 An appropriate microcannula is first selected to administer the filler. The smallest cannula that the product will flow smoothly through is preferable because a thin cannula minimizes any discomfort caused by needle injections and maximizes the result.

 Then the best filler industry has upto date manufactured is injected in the subcutaneous plane just superficial to perichondrium or periosteum.  Radix and upper nasal third injections should be medially placed ..  Pre-injection palpation may aid identification, and aspiration  before injection is our routine.

The nasolabial angle filling enables lifting of the tip of the nose.  For women, this angle must be 100 or 110° to produce a delicate appearance of the nose. .  Immediately following injection digital pressure is applied and the implant molded into position.  Finally, an ice pack is applied for a while..  Patients are informed that they may experience some swelling, tenderness and redness for 1-2 days, but no specific aftercare instructions are necessary.   

The major advantages of the unifocal non-surgical techniques with the best deep hyaluronic acid filler are: 
  • Patient is fully aware.  No risk associated with general anesthesia.
  • Instant results
  • More precise procedure than surgical rhinoplasty, more detailed adjustments to nasal contour are reachable.
  • The patient is in complete control of the results
  • No postoperative pain
  • Does not cause nose bleeds or persistent swelling
  • The procedure is temporary and reversible
  • Less expensive

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