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Cephalometric corrections of facial bones

Facial skeletal augmentation is one of many techniques used to enhance facial aesthetics. It is especially useful in the genial, mandibular angle, and malar areas. Correction of facial contour deformities is a challenge-posing task for reconstructive surgeons.The creation of medical implants provides the plastic surgeon with several advantages in correcting lateral or unilateral deformities with the use of an implant that duplicates the facial skeleton.

These implants adapt to sharp curvatures and bony abnormalities that may be present. This is particularly advantageous in posttraumatic facial contour abnormalities, in which the custom implants fit into irregular defects and the edges of the implants blend into the facial anatomy and are not visible or palpable.

Jaw correction The plastic corrective jaw surgery repositions the misaligned jaw and this improves facial appearance. With the help of facial plastic surgery we can achieve the best possible appearance with the use of injectable materials (permanent or not) or with the use of medical silicone implants.

Nose augmentation
This process is done by using injectable filling materials (fillers), which are injected under the skin of the nose, by changing its shape. The injection of hyaluronic acid or other medical fillers takes place in the medical office of the plastic surgeon and is a fairly short and easy process. The result may be temporary-permanent or reversible. The plastic surgeon, if it is desired, can bring the nose to its original condition. Of course, there are no incisions and scars on nose. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and may be progressive.

Malar augmentation
Contour abnormalities occur from aging congenital deformities, traumatic injuries, disease, and also previous surgery. During the aging process, repositioning and loss of subcutaneous fat can cause the loss of malar contour. A flat malar area can give the face an aged appearance. Strong cheekbones tend to give the face a fresh youthful look. The malar region should be round and full. Maxillary retrusion occurs often in combination with a congenitally deficient malar area

Genial augmentation
Although many of these patients have congenital deformities related to mandibular retrognathia, contour deformities can also occur from previous surgery, traumatic injuries, or disease. The morphology of the genial area is highly variable in all 3 planes of space: anteroposterior, vertical, and transverse. The most important aesthetic criteria are the anteroposterior relationship of the chin to the lower lip and the vertical ratio of the lower lip to the upper lip with the lips in repose.

It is important to consider the patient’s concerns and expected outcome when planning treatment