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Plastic Surgeon  Dr.Lyras
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1980 - 2000
2000 - 2020
With Prof. Ivo Pitanguy at the National Academy of Letters, Brazil. 1991
Dr.I. Lyras lecturing about Pythagoras' art on form, in his clinic in Athens. 2000
Dr.Lyras at the podium of the "Theotokos" foundation in Cyprus. 2000
Dr.Lyras in a press conference for Cidesco International. (as an organizer) 1999
Dr.Lyras at the Congress of Aesthetic Surgery at the Grace Kelly auditorium in Monte Carlo, Monaco, 1995 (his first as president)
Dr Lyras with Nikos Kaklamanakis (left), Windsurf World and European Champion and twice Olympic Medallist and Pyrros Dimas (right) weightlifting World and European Champion and four times Olympic Medallist. 2000
Dr.Lyras and Dr. Rapti with internationaly renowned artist- painter Alekos Fassianos (French Order of Arts and Letters medal for his contribution to the Arts) and his family.2000
Dr.Lyras at the temple of Hippocrates (father of Medicine) in the island of Kos, Dodecanese,Greece.1980

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