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Lipoplasty of the trunk limbs and calves


The plastic surgery of body contouring reshapes the body line by removing localized fat, thus improving its proportion and giving a beautiful and analogical image, restoring the right lines.
Regardless of fitness level or balanced eating habits, many people, men and women, seem to have a disproportionate body line due to localized deposition of fat. For people that ‘deprivation’ diets and exhausting exercise does not work well, cosmetic surgery offers an easy, quick and painless solution with spectacular results!


“Made in Brazil”,where “well formed” hips are a “registered trademark” of the slender female body.
After removal of excess fat, part of it, is then utilized for repositioning in areas that "lack of" - using the Brazilian lipoplasty technique. Excess fat is usually removed from the abdomen, hips or knees and is used to create a more attractive body shape by correcting curves and enhancing the feminine figure.Autologous fat will behave as the perfect “building material” and cellulite improves to a very large extent.
This method also achieves reformation of the shape of the gluteal area & hips and greatly improves skin laxity / flabbiness.


What makes this new technique so strikingly impressive is not only the spectacular results achieved but the simplicity in doing so, as it is performed under local anaesthesia and an overnight stay in the hospital is not required.Surgery duration is less than an hour.The operation is performed with absolutely no pain.

AFTER SURGERY For one month following surgery the use of a corset during the day, is suggested. The slight swelling and bruising will disappear after just one week. The end result is attributed to 6 months and will remain for many years if no major body changes occur, such as pregnancy, weight gain and menopause.

For a perfect result Brazilian lipoplasty can be combined with Skin Needling, a technique that aims at smoothing and improving skin texture.

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