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3D Breast enlargement /The triple Plane-Composite Triplane new Technique


 This is the most modern of all the existing breast augmentation techniques providing the beautiful teardrop shape new breast requested by the majority of  beautiful women.   Doing it the natural way.  Substituting fat with fat and gland with implant. The most natural and complete composite technique to construct or reconstruct beautiful breasts. The three-dimensional pattern  (3D) technique.The new option.
The "logical solution"

 We are very proud of our new method and just to make it easy for the readers, we have given it many names like >>>

* TRIPLANE-natural no pain (Painless three plane surgery for natural enlargement of female breasts)
* COMPOSITE TRIPLE PLANE-MODIFIED DUAL PLANE TECHNIQUE  - (Combined dual plane and stem cell- no pain natural technique)
"Composite triple plane breast augumentation: silicone implant combined with natural or with PRP enriched body lipograft"(Complex technique with breast implants and stem cells)
A THREE PRONGED STRATEGY for breast augmentation  ... /// ...>


Our anatomical and artistic objectives with this composite method are to achieve a three-dinentional (proportional heigth, width & projection) new breast using a silicone implant and at the same time creating adequate tissue coverage of the totality of the foreign body by the thoracic muscle and autotransplanted adipous lipograft and rendering unobstructed natural animation of the consolidated result (implant+lipograft+gland).


This technique is a personal new type of approach based on previous knowledge on two plane (dual) and three plane (triple) approaches and on our personal experience on the issue of breast sculpturing aesthetic plastic surgery. It is also based on the Greek-Brazilian philosophy, actually mixing and combining all the existing techniques mentioned in bibliography (Composite). And it is painless, because it significantly reduces postoperative tension exercised by the foreign body on the pectorals muscle making both the immediate and late outcome very comfortable for the patient (no pain)

 Simultaneously, if desired these beautiful women can actually have their entire body sculptured, by allowing us to remove by aspiration all or part of their locally accumulated fat from deposits like the gluteal, belly, waist, knee or other otherwise difficult to slim areas. This fatty tissue will subsequently used to transform their bonny and very thin thorax into a naturally smooth base for the new breast created by the modern silicone implants specially designed for them only..

This technique was designed for women who basically have small  but already beautiful natural breasts and eventually would like to make them more beautiful and natural, or for beautiful females who have no breast at all. Of course this personal approach can be used for breast reconstruction with spectacular and safe results.

A surgical-artistic idea

Basically this gentle surgical approach consists of placing enhanced profile medical breast IMPLANTS  in a position under BOTH of the two well known anatomical areas, namely subglandular (under the mammary gland) and submuscular (under the pectoralis major thoracic muscle) AND simultaneously injecting own ADIPOCYTES and STEM CELLS into the lateral, medial and inferior POLES of the new breast where there is absolutely no mammary gland whatsoever...These "selfie" own cells can eventually be PRP  enriched if so desired. This is achieved by extracting PLATELET RICH PLASMA from the patient's own blood.


1st plane (superior pole) >> In the upper pole placing a latest technology safe implant in a submuscular position (under the pectoral muscle). Thus in this area the implant is well covered by the thoracic muscle avoiding the "stair step" deformity of the upper pole (eliminating the possibility of a neckline "ball shape" unpleasant deformity)

2nd plane (central pole) >> In the middle pole the good implant occupies a  subglandular position (i.e. below the mammary gland). Thus in this area the implant is well covered by the existing mammary gland, promoting the natural projection of the nipple areopla-complex and producing a pleasant sexy shaped new breast. No problem with lactation and nipple sensation of course !! Quite the opposite we can
assure our lovely patients. .

3rd plane (inferior, medial and lateral poles)  >> Ladies who come for a breast augmentation usually have  insufficient or nonexistent inferior medial and lateral poles because the breast were very small. This is a very common situation specially in slim and skinny females. Just inserting an implant is not enough for correcting this. In order to improve the natural appearance of the new breast and a more attractive shape we can simply use fat from other areas of the body and inject it rightaway into the existing small breast.. Local adipose tissue accumulation is useful for the new formation of the medial, lateral and lower hemispheres of the breast (inferior pole, low neck cleavage neckline and lateral filling). Scientifically this is performed by reconstructing the vertical medial line (VML) the vertical lateral line (VLL} and the new inframammary fold (IMF) or crease or line (IML) with aspirated fatty tissue. This new reductional silhouette component is supplementary added simultaneously with the basic incremental breast augmentation surgery, while many times the lucky lady is additionally benefited by having localized fat permanently removed from ''difficult'' areas of the body (such as the buttocs), thus achieving an overall bonus harmony of the whole body in a single operation .. !!


The idea of using aspirated fat from certain areas of the body as a filler for injection into other atrophic areas like the hands, the buttocs  or the thorax for treatment of situations like Romberg  facial hemiatrophy or Poland thoracic and pectoral hemiatrophy, or simply for a buttoc lift  is not new. We had been using this technique (fatty tissue auto-transplantation) in Brazil as early as in 1988. This is why it has been named as brazilian lipoplasty or liposculpture. Now, time has come for using the fat in excess, around  the breast in selected cases of carefully evaluated candidates ready for breast augmentation and reconstruction. The fat may be used alone or in combination with good silicone implants.


Of course, the choice of incision of access lies in the discretion of the lady herself depending on specific characteristics of the existing breast. They can opt for a small and discreet incision placed either by the lower border of the areola or the crease below the breast. The fat is aspirated and re injected through secret tinny holes hidden into natural folds and the umbilicus.


Years ago, we started advising our patients to travel the same day (by air or car) to their hometowns since no pain or nausea or vomiting was observed with our technique and the anesthesia was only local plus sedation (we generally avoid general narcosis for this particular surgical operation).   Once upon a time breast construction or reconstruction was associated by post-surgical pain, inability to move arms and hands, extreme bruising, swelling and long postoperative downtime periods. Of course not a chance for exercise, even mild one such as yoga.

 Now this whole situation has changed dramatically. Within our 5 years of experience with this approach our patients have traveled the same or the following day after breast augmentation. As a routine we encourage our operated patients to go ahead with their normal lives as early as the third postoperative day and lightly exercise after one week. Nevertheless, sports are only recommended after 6 weeks. The Non touch-no pain technique has also been routinely applied to abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)..

The easiness of our whole "three pronged strategy" makes it very practical. Nowadays is constantly applied in our clinic (except if otherwise desired and requested) but there is a complex science behind it. You see we always operate on wet tissue. This eliminates bruising and pain. We perform the wet tumescent technique with a cocktail of modern formulas used for a perfectly working and long-lasting local anesthesia for all areas to be touched. This is done under continuous monitoring and controlling using perfectly serviced and run electronic and digitally computed ISO  & TEMOS CERTIFIED machinery and equipment. 

Our anesthesiologist is highly skilled and specialized in modern plastic surgery anesthetics for healthy people who just want a safe, quick procedure with fast recovery and no complications. This is a guarantee. He applies a perfect sedation technique leveled accordingly to the needs of the patient in order to bring her happiness and to eliminate fear throughout the whole event (and after that). Also there is constant special anti-vomiting and pain-avoidance protection during and after the operation, while the room's temperature is such (22 C) that the woman does not feel chilly or cold when the surgery is over and sedation is over. A couple of hours later she will be ready to go home carrying her bonus presents with her for ever. Isn't this great news?.


This novelty of our approach comes as a result of the process known as "non touch-no pain" and also of complete coverage of the implant by self tissue... During the act the doctor's hands do not come into contact with the area of the mammary gland, eliminating complications and lesions in the breast tissue or the nipple.. Nevertheless due to the fact that with the biplane double plane method, the pectoral muscle is released, there is no muscular tension although the muscle can move freely and still do what it is supposed to be doing, there is no possibility of witnessing the infamous cramp which caused all the pain during the routine submuscular method still used by some in the world today witnessed by most of our operated patients using this technique.

The newest application is fat transplantation from the bottom-full body fat  into certain parts of the breast in order to a a top-full body.  Aspirated and immediately reinjected adipose tissue full of fat cells, stem cells and plasma platelets will complete the entire coverage of   the breast implant making it invisible and untouchable, thus untraceable for anyone. A well kept secret for many-many years to come. We remind you that the TRIPLANE- TRIPLE PLANE TECHNIQUE is performed under local anesthesia and sedation while the entire body is artistically sculpted in an ethnically sensitive way. We therefore consider that our technique holistically designed and brings harmony to the body as a whole.


Using this technique we achieve naturality. The new breast will be well animated ! Not stiff or free floating.  With the TRIPLANE technique, animation of the breast is more natural than with any other existing technique. The two breasts will behave as if the person was born with them and always there,  following the personal needs of sports, affection, fashion, work and sleep...

SCIENTIFIC CONSIDERATIONS  & Plastic surgery clinic announcements in Monte Carlo-Monaco.

This useful technique has already been presented into national and international conferences and forums, where we have been invited to present. Very famous Professors and Authors (like late dr Y. G. Iloouz-the French surgeon who first idealized the techniques of lipoaspiration and fat grafting), have approved our TRIPLE PLANE BREAST AUGMENTATION TECHNIQUE for its many advantages in relation to all other breast augmentation techniques. Dr Y. G Illouz also believed according of his personal 35 year experience and observations, that the transplanted rich tissue from other areas of unpleasant fat deposits and accumulations definitely PREVENTS cancer of the breast and capsular contracture in these patients. Dr. Y. G. Illouz officially made this statement answering our respective question at  the 3rd World Congress of Plastic surgery in Monte Carlo, Monaco, on November 30th and December 1st, 2014. (This congress took place under the honoured Presidency of Brazilian Professor Ivo Pitanguy and in the presence of experienced national and international scientists representatives of the medical profession).. In this important congress we (dr Lyras) participated as member of the scientific commitee and  the commitee of the "golden bisturi" awards. We also presented two new techniques (surgical and nonsurgical rhinoplasty & triple plane composite technique for breast augmentation and reconstruction). The technique was also previously presented and approved at the 2014 European Congress of the International College of Surgeons.


The technique is practically harmless and very safe and does not interfere any breast examination or breast feeding and sensation which continues fully operative. The results of using this composite method are the most natural that one can imagine.  A happy woman operated using this technique is practically impossible to be "betrayed " by her new breasts appearance, shape and intimate behavior while being touched. These new teardrop shaped soft but at the same time tight breasts move naturally gently following every movement of the body . They feel amazing, they look fascinating, they are absolutely flattering.


Unforgettable Olympic world class breasts yours now...
to Greek. Mediterranean and Latin ladies and their fan clubs !! The very same night of the operation they will be at home in the company of their loved ones carrying their new teardrop firm breast while during next summer....With THE WONDERFUL NATURAL BREASTS  (SIZE OF THEIR PERSONAL CHOICE) their new outfit is going to look spectacular dressed in the swimsuit ...everything will be more revealing than ever !!

CONSIDER THE NATURAL BREAST AUGMENTATION AND LIPOSUCTION AT THE SAME TIME ! Liposculpture and lipostructure of the entire body and silicone breast augmentation.
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